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Why wont my new grass grow from seed

Why wont my grass grow?

This is the one question  i get all the time. You did everything right. You did everything you were supposed to in my earlier post here .Then you end up with this after 3 weeks. This happens to the best of us if we dont pay attention to detail and we just do one thing wrong dont panic this can be  fixed and avoided.

Growing grass is one of those things that will not work if you do one thing wrong.Everything has to be perfect.So if you did not take notes you will not know what you did wrong.So maybe you added too much seed,maybe too little,maybe you used the wrong seed for the area,maybe you had too much heavy rain and you had run off,maybe you did not water enough and the seeds dried out,maybe its not the right tempature and the seed will grow when temps warm up.Maybe you put down some fertilizer that had some weed and feed in it by accident before you seeded by mistake,maybe you forgot you put down some crabgrass killer a few days before you seeded.Maybe you have a lawn care guy and he adds fertilizer to your lawn on a 4 or 6 step plan and he put down stuff that inhibits new growth.Maybe the birds at the seed because you did not mulch the area,maybe the soil is bad.

You see it can literally be like 100 things you did wrong as like i have said growing grass is like a science everything has to be right and done to perfection.

So if you have this happen to you theres one thing you can do that will make the grass grow in again. Wait until the 7th day of August and get a garbage can and dig up that soil all that bare spots that did not fill in go around and just dig up that soil and throw it out. Maybe you have a forest in your backyard,just get rid of it.The last thing you want to do is use that same soil.Chances are you added seed then added more seed at 7 days then more at 14 days etc so the fact is if you have this problem you can pretty much pinpoint the problem to the soil as being the culprit. So go out by some premium soil not the kind you can get for 2 dollars spend a little more money and get some nice soil for your barespots then fill in and level them to where your grass was prior. Then get some better grass seed youd want to spend like $50 dollars for 25 pounds or $125 for like 50 pounds spend some good money on the seed and soil then follow my steps  as i outlined above ,then you should be fine in 7 days in (august) it will germinate (and im not talking about ryegrass im talking about hard or tall fescue! If you done everything right you should see the grass germinate in 6  days then in 21 days should all be filled in.So take my advice if you run into this problem.


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