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Grass Cutting

A few tips about what else cutting the grass

#1 Keep it high to get that nice lush lawn always remember to wait until your grass is four inch high before you mow your lawn.
so it will always be nice and lush like this 

this was actually taken yesterday.

I know its hard to wait until its four inches for some of us if you cant wait then the next trick is to cut twice a week in spring on the highest setting. Then in summer slow down the cutting to just cut once a week or every week and half if theres no rain.

   If your not sure when to cut to keep it high then make sure you dont mow in the summer until your grass looks like this

When your grass is high like this its a good indicator that it is around 4 and half inches high and needs to be cut so use this as your indicator in the summer.

*most lawn mowers have 6 or 5 settings if your lawn mower only has 5 settings then put it up one more notch so its at its highest setting so the blade is at its highest then either cut the lawn twice a week in spring during the growing season then when it slows down in summer cut it once a week or even less maybe every other week if no rain.

#2  Always Mulch the clippings back onto your lawn if any of the clippings come on your driveway or walkway just blow or sweep them back on your lawn. As the clippings are like free fertilizer and do a lot of wonders for your lawn. I know a lot of the lawn mower companies sell there lawn mowers as a bagger,a mulcher and a lawn mower and this and that . The truth is you do not need to bag your lawn ever unless you been on a trip to Italy for a month then you return and your grass is too long yes youd want to bag it as it would be too high to mulch your lawn.

#3Only cut the lawn when it needs to be cut
Cutting the lawn when its wet will invite weeds ,ruin your blade and do so many bad things,or cutting it a day after  it rains is bad to .As youd want to cut it a few hours or a day before it rains.

#4 Dont cut the lawn during drought
yes during hot summer months do not cut your lawn if there is no rain in the forecast for weeks.Let it go dormant if you have to it will come back in September


  1. Your post is very impressive I will also use this step for my home. It’s looking so gorgeous.

    1. Your welcome any lawn care tips just message me i usually re s pond in few days


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