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Whats the reason your mowing today

Mow with purpose

A lot of guys I see in my neighborhood they are just mowing there lawn to mow the lawn,if that makes any sense to you.
They are just going through the motions to cut the  grass “oh its cut its done let me go inside and drink some more beer”
That clearly is not the attitude youd want when your cutting the grass as that attitude will not bring you lawn envy.
Don’t go through the motions
These guys probably just had a fight with the wife,just had an argument and need some fresh air so they go outside to mow,not realizing the lawn  does not need to be cut. Maybe they saw there neighbor cutting there lawn and wanted to be cool and went outside cause the neighbor was there.
No not a good look and don’t do it as youll see why this is not good.
You always want to mow with purpose always !!!
Right height
Lets say you were on vacation. For 3 weeks so three weeks you did not mow. So you should be saying to yourself ,I cant have too many clippings on the lawn it will cause thatch .So when…

Fall is the time to get ready for your lawn envy

People want that lawn envy in the spring. That lush dark green thick lawn but, you know what no one wants to do the work in the  fall to achieve it.If you want this lawn you see above in the spring and all year round the truth is the work starts in the fall.
Some people actually put all there power tools away for the summer in the fall as soon as the calendar hits September thats a huge mistake.
It all Starts in August
The truth is the lawn envy  that you want to achieve the hard work starts actually starts in mid august .

Not only that but,those tools you just put away for the summer you really need to go to your garage or shed and take them back out. You also need to run back out to your garden store to purchase some stuff and put it away for future use before it sells out.
Reseed in August
Okay for starters August is the best time to reseed your lawn because of the dropping temperatures and the longer cooler nights.So go outside with your smart phone or tablet and take a picture of your …