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Kentucky Blue Grass Fescue mix,or Fescue

Tall Turf Fescue/KBG blend or just FescueIf your not used to or familiar with tall turf fescue by itself .Kentucky blue grass blend ,or just  a fine fescue then youve come to the right place.

     Fine fescue - will be chewings fescue,creeping red fescue,and hard fescue .Of course there are more fine fescues. Sometimes you will find these in a mix at your local store. Fine fescue is great in shade,under trees even pine trees,and great in  sandy and acidic soils. Fine fescue also does not have to be fertilized as much or irrigated as much as Tall Turf Fescue or kbg. Fine Fescue looks great as you see in my lawn above under the pine trees in the shade.

     Fine fescue does has its drawbacks it needs to be reseeded yearly to fill in and get that lush look you saw of my yard. Fine fescue also is not that great with a lot of traffic. Also in full Sun it does not do well. So try not to sow any fine fescue in full sun. I only use it in shady areas and you should too.

    Tall Turf Fescue-has …