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Month to Month plan

For now i will share with you the month to month plan in the following days i will tell you in more detail about each subject in the plan in more detail so you will know what to do and fire your lawn care guy


while your lawn mower is in garage for winter sharpen your blades and go to your home store and buy 2 or 3 blades and have all four of them sharp ,this way you always have a sharp blade so as soon as it gets dull change it in the season id change it once a month so from may to june june to july aug to sep sep to oct
dont be a fool and use the same dull blade the whole season
so do your self and run to sears or your home store and get a blade for like 20 dollars.
keep  any debris off your lawn.
leaves  twigs etc.
apply fertilizer


do any dormant seeding if you did not seed in August.
cover the dormant seedings with peat moss
keep any debris off lawn.


keep any debris off lawn
at end of march do spring cleanup
where you take out any dead leaves with blower or rake
get rid of anything thats dead leaves plantss ,tree limbs etc
dethatch your lawn if you need it dethatching your lawn is the most important thing you can do as you will see as i will explain in detail but the short story of it it helps photosynthesis  by bringing in sunlight to the  roots ,and helps rain water get there too resulting in a nice green lawn . if you have a thick layer of thatch and leave it  it will just turn brown like hay and be a mess to look at cause no sunlight and rain will get to it it will just be a mess with dead brown grass and full of weeds so make sure you dethatch in march before the grass comes out of dormancy.
Apply Crabgrass treatment - some of the best lawns you see apply crabgrass treatment to lawns that are healthy with no crabgrass at all.


apply fertilizer
start to cut your grass only when it needs to be cut
if you need to seed some bare spots do so at the end of April as it gets to hot in May  so wait until like the 3rd week in april when its in the 60s on a constant basis.


start to water your grass in may one of the common mistakes people make as soon as the calendar turns to spring they start watering there grass but ,they dont realize that they are actually doing more harm than good.
the fact is in march and april we get so much rain storms the grass is already irrigated on its own by mother nature so dont water your lawn until may.
Only cut your grass when it needs to be cut ,for a nice carpet of lawn i suggest waiting until your lawn gets to four inches then cutting off only an inch or a third of inch - i will explain in more detail in later posts
also do not bag your clippings always remember to mulch your clippings back on to your lawn
this is the real secret that no one really talks about . Do not fall for the slogan from the lawn mower company where you can bag your clippings and have a nice neat spotless lawn free of clippings !!! no no No your throwing away essential nutrients your lawn needs so put it back on the lawn youll be glad you did.

so water once or twice a week


apply crabgrass again as crabgrass does not germinate until the weather is in the 70s for 3 straight days so check the calendar if you have this weather in may do it in may
continue to cut the grass and water as normal


apply a fertilizer around the holiday first week of July
dont do nothing rest of month as it will be too hot


dont do anything until 3rd week of month and that is to overseed this is the secret that every home owner knows about to keep that lush lawn you can get  some good seed online for $150 or 200$ at some sod farms in oregon online  its always cheaper to buy in bulk. Anyhow August is the perfect time to reseed as the days are getting shorter and its also getting cooler so if you have a large area or even a small area do it in august it will be established  and grown in about  3 weeks


And Aerate  only if you need to a lot of people  make  the mistake  of aeration just because  the calendar  turns to September .
You only need to aerate  if your soil is compacted 


rake leaves 


Rake leaves
and fertilize


dormant seed
December and February are the 2 times to dormant seed
as December you wont have any warm days any more and febuary its cold then it warms up in march and April with lots of rain

December is also good because in October and November you cant get a lot of hot days which will kill your seeds once the seeds get warm they start to germinate then they will die off when they get cold
so take it from me dont dormant seed in late September like people will tell you cause it still gets hot in September,October and December very rarely does it get 70 in December.
So you can work on the soil in November before the ground gets too cold but wait til sow the seed until December


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