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Lawn envy

Be The Envy Of Your Block

Hello thanks for reading my blog.In this blog i will be telling you and  teaching you exactly what to do.You will know what to do to be  the envy of your block  with a beautiful lawn but ,also you can fire your landscaper ,your lawn care guy,yes say goodbye to your lawn doctor or tru green. I will be revealing all the secrets to you so you can do the work yourself and save 3000 a year instead of giving it to your landscaper you can use it for something else!  I understand you may not be capable of doing thw work on your own maybe your too old cant lift anything heavy maybe you dont drive anymore maybe you have bad back ,maybe your disabled and your lawn is falling apart. If you answered yes to one of those then you can still have the lawn of your dreams,all you have to do is tell you the secrets i tell you to your son,or daughter cousin or nephew or neice and they will just implement my system.If you still have no family and physically cant do it anymore then i understand you want to hire someone.For everyone of us that want to be a diy type of guy then this blog post is for you.Instead of spending 3000 a year all you have to spend is somewhere between 35 and 150 dollars it all depends.Depending on your lawn you may just have to spend  just 65 dollars for the year i will be explaining everything in the next few blog posts. and will provide a schedule you can follow yourself basically a month to month plan you follow and know what to do each month.The most important thing you can do in early spring is dethatch your lawn they sell mid size ones you can plug in or you can rent a gas powered one but they are heavy and dangerous and loud and you could do more harm to your lawn than good if you dont know what your doing with a mechanical gas powered dethatcher .

If you follow my plan your lawn will look like this this is an actual photo taken last fall  of my own lawn,i will be adding more photos  soon so if you want to be the envy of your block start detatching

dont forget to aerate

I mentioned a dethatcher just remember the second most important tool you will ever use is an aerator!
once or twice a year you should be aerating so your soil does not get compacted and weeds take over your lawn. The best time to aerate is in the fall so you dont need to do it now unless you needed it and skipped it in the fall.
Most people may opt for the mechanical one you can rent from your store, It is loud and dangerous and may be hard to maneuver . I would recommend getting a small manual one that does core aeration and leaves the plugs on the ground with hollow tines you can get a manual aerator anywhere . Manual core aeration is
great if you have a small yard. Just make sure you spread the holes about 3 inches apart.  Leave the plugs on the ground they will go back into the soild providing nutrients for your soil in turn will give you a healty grass
so if you see lots of weeds and your soil is compacted you may need to aerate.


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Just because we are in February it does not mean you cant prepare your lawn for spring

Preparing for lawn envy in February I know what your thinking its February its cold outside the grass is dormant why in the hell would i want to go outside.
Let me tell you why that is the wrong approach. In a few days it will be February and theres at least 5 things you can do now for that lawn envy.
Five  things to do now in February for that lawn envy
If that is the lawn envy your looking for then read on. (that is actually my yard but its not that difficult to do as long as you follow a few simple tips.

#1  Remove thatch and dethatch in February as thatch can build up depending on the type of grass you have so remove it. Make sure you make shallow cuts so you dont remove any healthy grass. Remove it and put it in landfill or, compost or if  have forest in backyard. #2 after you dethatch fertilize as you know February is 3 months before May when it will be warmer and your grass will come out of dormancy. Also fertilizers most of them last for 3 months so in late Apr…

my Titan Rx turf type tall fescue renovation

My titan rx journey
Hello everyone like most of us we all have to do some renovating every now and then .It can be some aggressive weeds taking over your lawn. Or just a bad variety of grass in your lawn you have to remove and start over.
In my case I had both the previous owner did not really take care of his lawn so the variety of fescue he has was an older one not so disease persistent ,lots of aggressive weeds,crabgrass and other grassy weeds that were very annoying. I just wanted a nice lush,dark green lawn to be there for years to come that out kids could play on.
Its on film
So back in July I started the renovation and luckily for you I filmed it all except for the rototilling and the before picture. Yes my mistake I wish I had filmed the before picture so you would have seen how bad it was anyhow I will next time.
So like I said I have been filming this since July and will upload the whole video by the middle of October so you can see my journey with the variety of turf type tall …

Whats the reason your mowing today

Mow with purpose

A lot of guys I see in my neighborhood they are just mowing there lawn to mow the lawn,if that makes any sense to you.
They are just going through the motions to cut the  grass “oh its cut its done let me go inside and drink some more beer”
That clearly is not the attitude youd want when your cutting the grass as that attitude will not bring you lawn envy.
Don’t go through the motions
These guys probably just had a fight with the wife,just had an argument and need some fresh air so they go outside to mow,not realizing the lawn  does not need to be cut. Maybe they saw there neighbor cutting there lawn and wanted to be cool and went outside cause the neighbor was there.
No not a good look and don’t do it as youll see why this is not good.
You always want to mow with purpose always !!!
Right height
Lets say you were on vacation. For 3 weeks so three weeks you did not mow. So you should be saying to yourself ,I cant have too many clippings on the lawn it will cause thatch .So when…