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How to fix tire tracks in lawn

I know having someone drive on your precious lawn with there pickup can be a eyesore and can also damage your lawn and stop your grass from growing. When you see this your first instinct is to knock the guy out who did it . Anyhow theres a quick fix for it.

The fix is simple get some topsoil and peat moss.Then first aerate inside the tire tracks first to make sure
it does not stay compacted from the tire tracks.
Then mix topsoil and peat moss put the soil under the grass and then level the area so its level to the other grass thats it.
Wait to see if the grass starts to grow about a week if not get some grass seed ,just make sure you match the grass seed with the grass.
Thats it so thats your quick fix!


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Just because we are in February it does not mean you cant prepare your lawn for spring

Preparing for lawn envy in February I know what your thinking its February its cold outside the grass is dormant why in the hell would i want to go outside.
Let me tell you why that is the wrong approach. In a few days it will be February and theres at least 5 things you can do now for that lawn envy.
Five  things to do now in February for that lawn envy
If that is the lawn envy your looking for then read on. (that is actually my yard but its not that difficult to do as long as you follow a few simple tips.

#1  Remove thatch and dethatch in February as thatch can build up depending on the type of grass you have so remove it. Make sure you make shallow cuts so you dont remove any healthy grass. Remove it and put it in landfill or, compost or if  have forest in backyard. #2 after you dethatch fertilize as you know February is 3 months before May when it will be warmer and your grass will come out of dormancy. Also fertilizers most of them last for 3 months so in late Apr…

my Titan Rx turf type tall fescue renovation

My titan rx journey
Hello everyone like most of us we all have to do some renovating every now and then .It can be some aggressive weeds taking over your lawn. Or just a bad variety of grass in your lawn you have to remove and start over.
In my case I had both the previous owner did not really take care of his lawn so the variety of fescue he has was an older one not so disease persistent ,lots of aggressive weeds,crabgrass and other grassy weeds that were very annoying. I just wanted a nice lush,dark green lawn to be there for years to come that out kids could play on.
Its on film
So back in July I started the renovation and luckily for you I filmed it all except for the rototilling and the before picture. Yes my mistake I wish I had filmed the before picture so you would have seen how bad it was anyhow I will next time.
So like I said I have been filming this since July and will upload the whole video by the middle of October so you can see my journey with the variety of turf type tall …

Whats the reason your mowing today

Mow with purpose

A lot of guys I see in my neighborhood they are just mowing there lawn to mow the lawn,if that makes any sense to you.
They are just going through the motions to cut the  grass “oh its cut its done let me go inside and drink some more beer”
That clearly is not the attitude youd want when your cutting the grass as that attitude will not bring you lawn envy.
Don’t go through the motions
These guys probably just had a fight with the wife,just had an argument and need some fresh air so they go outside to mow,not realizing the lawn  does not need to be cut. Maybe they saw there neighbor cutting there lawn and wanted to be cool and went outside cause the neighbor was there.
No not a good look and don’t do it as youll see why this is not good.
You always want to mow with purpose always !!!
Right height
Lets say you were on vacation. For 3 weeks so three weeks you did not mow. So you should be saying to yourself ,I cant have too many clippings on the lawn it will cause thatch .So when…